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Name:Meg Ford
Birthdate:Feb 13
Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
noteful, adj.1 Obs. Useful, beneficial, serviceable.
noteful, adj.2 rare.1. Notable, worthy of note.
2. Observant; taking notice of.
Oxford English Dictionary

Up until she was sixteen, Meghan Ford's life was pretty much exactly what you'd expect the life of a doctor's daughter living in southern Ontario to be. She was close to her family, did very well at school, stayed busy with her friends, and was, perhaps, a little too focused on things being neat and orderly and right.

In short, everything was normal. And Meg was seriously okay with that.

And then her older sister, Kim went off to another world. And then Meg came home from a date one night and found a mystical bar ([community profile] milliways_bar) where the front foyer should be.

And now? Now she's balancing her maybe-not-so-normal life as a newlywed and medical student at McGill with the fact that she talks to angels, befriends mutants and superheroes, organizes baseball games for vampires and aliens, and occasionally goes off to visit whole other worlds.

Meg is intelligent, kind, and generally very precise. She tends to play things pretty close to the vest, especially when she doesn't know someone well.

She's still pretty fond of neat and orderly and right.

Meghan Marriner, née Ford, is from the book Ysabel, is the property of Guy Gavriel Kay, and appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Though Ysabel is something of a sequel to the Fionavar Tapestry books, Meg is not mentioned in the trilogy which focuses on her sister, Kim.

Meg is portrayed here from well before the events of Ysabel, at the age of twenty-three, and from the year 1992. She has blue eyes and long, dark red hair. Meg is 155 cm tall (that's just over 5'1", if you don't do metric). Aside from her coloring, she looks a lot like her older sister.

Meg wears a diamond engagement ring and gold wedding ring on her left hand, and two bracelets -- one silver, one steel -- and a black hair rubber band around her right wrist, always.

While the character is Canadian, the mun is not. Americanisms and American English spellings will probably happen, and while the mun will make an effort to curb the former (where she's aware of a difference), the latter will have to be forgiven. Meg also speaks French fluently, while her mun does not. Errors are always mine, not hers, when they occur.

The icons are mostly of Isla Fisher, but Rachel Hurd-Wood and Amy Adams crop up, too.
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